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Birthday Sweater (Ingratitude non troppo)

Birthday Sweater (Ingratitude non troppo)

Lyric #2703 by bassMonkey

Tags: Devotion, Betrayal, Ingratitude, Cheap Sweaters, Obsession, Chunky Guitar Riffs
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I'd climb a mountain for you,
I'd swim the widest seas,
I'd crawl on broken glass,
'till blood flowed from my knees.
How do you repay?
Yes, how do you repay,
All this singular devotion,
That I show you every day?
With a cheap crappy sweater,
That you bought down the Asda.

Anything you need I find it,
No matter what it takes,
I keep on night and day,
Until my body breaks.
How do you repay?
Yes, how do you repay,
All the love and the affection,
I pour on you every day?
With this butt ugly jumper,
That cost less than a tenner.

I'd take a bullet for you,
Out in the desert sands,
I give myself to you,
My life is in your hands.
How do you repay?
Yes, how do you repay,
The sacrifice and worship,
I devote to you each day?
With some baggy-ass pullover,
That should be two sizes smaller.
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