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The Quickening of the Dark

Lyric #2621 by bassMonkey

Tags: Rocky, Fast, B/S Cosmology
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Solidiers made of light,
Appear from corners of the war,
Impossible to fight,
You've never seen their like before,
There are no countermeasures,
There is no defence,
Radiation boils your eyes,
The heat is so intense.

Bring out your dead we are the quickening of the dark,
Destructive energy is how we make our mark,
We are the truth we are the power and the might,
We are the light.

Wave comes after wave,
The signal only carries death,
Planets turn to graves,
You pause to draw a final breath,
Nothing jams the frequency,
Nothing dims the power,
No-one riding to your aid,
You face the final hour.

Fall back to the star,
It's gravity distorts the light,
Red shift from afar,
Event horizon burning bright,
Neutrons smashing nuclei,
Neutron stars implode,
Time and space collapsing in,
Through astral overload.

Only dust remains,
Destruction total and complete,
Physicists explain,
The way the cycle just repeats,
New dimensions start aligning,
New stars start to form,
Galaxies begin to fill,
A universe is born.
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