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Emerald Girl

Emerald Girl

Lyric #2577 by bassMonkey

Tags: Happy, Lovesong, Falling in and Enduring, Summer, Beachcombing, Irish girls are pretty
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bassMonkey Supporter
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Barefoot on the sand we watch the swallows on the wing,
We take a drink then dance a while and she begins to sing.
My heart sails high like those birds in the sky,
She says "I'll always be with you, now let me tell you why;
We are two lost souls drifting on a lonely sea,
But we'll never swim alone just so long as you're with me."
Oh my, my emerald girl.

Darkness falls we build a fire we hope will keep us warm,
Beyond the coast the clouds encroach before the coming storm.
My soul floats high 'neath a moon chilled sky,
She says "I'll always be with you, now let me tell you why;
We are two pure flames in the middle of the fire,
We both burn bright because our love will never tire."
Oh my, my emerald girl.

Rain will come and rain will go it never lasts that long,
Skylarks rising with the dawn to wake us with their song.
And they fly so high in a steel grey sky,
She says "I'll always be with you, now let me tell you why;
We are two strong reeds that no storm could ever bend,
And you'll grow with me right beside you till the end."
Oh my, my emerald girl.
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rootshell Supporter
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cool lyrics bassmonkey...took a shot at it, a half shot i guess :)
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