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Rest In Peace SoulSushi

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Eddie sadly passed away this morning. I never met him in person but he was always so kind and supportive and full of positivity and he loved music. His kind and cheerful spirit will be missed. From his Facebook:

“My Dearest Friends:
If you’re reading this post it means that I am no longer alive in this world with you. I regret that I’ve not been able to tell you good-bye in person or through any other means. Your friendship has meant that the quality of my life had been enriched. Thank you very much for all you’ve been for and to me- - - I only wish that your own life was made a little better by knowing me 🙂 I love you and I hope you live a long, happy and fruitful life. Thank you again for your invaluable friendship - - - it is a true treasure that I’ll carry with me in my new life. I’ll see you on the other side.

Aloha friends,
I graciously thank you all for your continuous outpouring of love and support towards our family during this difficult time. An abundance of prayers and well wishes from all.
This morning, my daddy, my best friend, my rock and foundation passed away at Adventist Medical Center due to sudden seizure complications. My daddy fought an amazing fight and passed without pain.
Before he left us, he created an AHCD and stated, “My relationships with family and friends are my most prized and valued things over any material object I’ve ever owned. My favorite things that made my life special are my connection with people, music, art, and golf.” This is what he wrote for all of you..please enjoy ❤️🌹
With love,
Camille Cross
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RIP Eddie Soulsushi
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sad news, my thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved ones RIP Eddie
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With a heavy heart, I can also only repeat what Kells, Tee and Shi said already, and give my sincere condolences. And please pass this to Camille, and to the rest of his family.
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Alas I am just now discovering SoulSushi's music which is absolutely wonderful! What an incredible imagination and ear for blending vastly different styles into sound collages and songs of all kinds. I am a new fan and although sad he is passed I am glad to know it was peaceful and he was able to share such a wise and beautiful final message. All my condolences to his family and friends and may his musical gift keep giving to our community for a long time to come and bring joy and inspiration to everyone who hears him.
Sami aka Serrasa
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