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Yes, I'm another newbie.

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Hello fellow musicians! I just discovered this site and am excited to dive in. I am an old dude who plays the electric guitar, some mandolin, as well as piano/keys. Happy to contribute clean guitar tones, as well as the over-driven crunchy stuff, so keep me in mind for one of your projects. :)
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^Welcome, great to have you here :) I am sure you will have lots of fun :W
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And don’t wait for project, just jump spontaneously in what you want!!’
Or feed us with what you want to share with us :)
Sure you will have fun here
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Hi there Blaggie, welcome to the Loops from me, nice to have you with us :) Just have FUN :)
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From one old dude to another..this is the best place I know :) Welcome aboard :)
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Hi and Welcome from another old guy:) You'll have fun here-what it's all about. Music is great and the people are wonderful folks. A very supportive community.
Jump on in buddy:)
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I'm sure you gone have a lot of fun here I think it's the best place to be when your online. There's so much music here you always find some cool sound to join.:W
music is the language all people understand so lets make music instead of war❤
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