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Conversion a Telecaster to Acoustic Guitar

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I have made a small, low-cost modification to convert the sound from a Telecaster guitar equipped with humbucker pickups to a hybrid guitar that works with magnetic capsules, hybrid sound from magnetic and piezoelectric microphones, and an exclusive piezoelectric system with a special bridge.

If you are interested, follow this post with these pieces:
- Telecaster guitar (I think anyone works if you equip a Tune O Matic bridge, for example a Les Paul)
My guitar chosen for having Tune O'Matic bridge: Harley Benton Telecaster TE-40 TBK [img]https://wloops2.r.worldssl.net/galleries/6615/files/c916f1c1f2ba934e0823db196b5c7c6a.jpeg[/img]
- passive piezoelectric bridge of this type (see photo of exact measurements of the bridge ...)
- soldering iron for connections
- preamplifier, you can choose an internal model or as in my case a pedalboard with gain / effects (for example Korg Pandora or whatever you want)

Very simple procedure ... if you have chosen the measures well, it is the moment that you should pay the most attention, it only requires removing the serial bridge, and placing the piezoelectric bridge; you adjust the height with the screws and the fifth note setting procedure moving the saddles

Electrical connection: the simplest for me, although there are multiple and more complex schemes, has been to remove the pickup from the bridge and connect with solder ground pole and the active pole to the same position that the bridge pickup has in the pickup selector switch . ..and !!ready!!

You already have acoustic sound in your guitar, you can use the neck pickup, select the hybrid sound of the neck magnet and piezoelectric (my preferred sound, the one shown on the track #193779) or just only the sound of the piezoelectric bridge (less body in bass notes)

You can leave your ideas here in the forum about new electronic connections or modifications of other models if you dare .... we will all learn!!

Ah ... important !! the cost of all this is low, the guitar about 158 € and the piezoelectric bridge 40 €

PS I have left the piezo cable on the outside until I am sure of its reliability, then I pierce the cabinet to put the cable into the rear compartment of the circuits, it is easy !!
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- Acoustic sound on a solid guitar !! and conventional electric sound just by moving the selector switch !!!!
- You do not disturb your neighbor when you play the acoustic guitar because having no sound box does not sound on air!
- If you are a professional or you give acoustic concerts, it can be amplified for live play with connection to your usual amplifier, and it will not produce any coupling as it happens sometimes with acoustic guitars with microphones. Everyone will look at you when playing with an acoustic-sounding Telecaster
- It is a low risk economic modification! .... and if it doesn't work or you don't like the sound it's completely reversible !!! you remove the piezo bridge and put the standard one
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Finish the job by inserting the piezo cable through the cabinet with little visible


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Beautiful guitar, good job!!
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That's so cool Mario!! :W
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