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suspicious proposal ??

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Hi Dick and friends, I received a message from an unknown member, I say unknown because if I press on your name it automatically redirects me to the Wikiloops homepage, it is a somewhat suspicious proposal, which invites you to do a business together and attached an email address under the name of Alice Gomez .... I received 2 hours ago, someone else has received the same message, the supposed name of the member is ASTYLE, but there is no member with that name, it is possible that some troll has sneaked into the private message pages, without previously registering, or has the author of the messages been banned? or she has write the proposal and has left the page, I do not understand
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ASTYLE has been spamming members before being banned swiftly from wikiloops ... unfortunately you were among the members who were spammed ! please ignore and delete ;)
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I'm already working on some kind of spam detection thingy,
and we'll display a "user has been banned" kind of message on banned users profiles instead of redirecting to the wikiloops hompeage in the future, so people will know action has been taken.
Sorry this happened...
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