The Holiday Thread

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It'S time for me to start a Thread. The subject title says it all.
The right place to say good bye is here ;-)

I'm out for a few days. Elba a little italian island were Napoleon was banned is my destination.
Time to say good bye to the bad German weather...
Pete-Silence attached the following image:

keep on Jammin'
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sounds really good pete, have a safe and great trip!

to all other members:
please dont post your holiday dates ahead of your holidays,
we dont want to know when yor studio is left alone and ready to be robbed, so better tell us afterwards :) (it is the internet, you know, not the thug rate on wikiloops)

@pete - I believe you left the hungry pitbull watching your guitars, so better stay away from that guys house fellas :)
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Just got back from a week camping with the family in the New Forest. Spent a couple of days on the south coast too, weather was mostly awesome:
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Hi Wikilonians!

This Year we made a trip through Sri Lanka. Beautyful landscape friendly peaple and the best railroadtrip I ever had, that´s in my mind.
And if you visit this country some day, don´t miss to visit Freds Siam View Hotel in Arugam at the eastcoast. Raggae-Music, relaxed people and the best beer I ever drunk in Asia!




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