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Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Lyric #2264 by marocon

Tags: Love, Romance, Romantic
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Baby Blue

On my sleeve is the heart that I wear
It saddens my sleep and attracts many stares
It weighs on my mind what should I do
But then there was you baby blue

Sticks and stones may leave you alone
But words that are sharp cut deep to the bone
One school of thought held I was a fool
And then there was you baby blue


The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon will play
The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon will play

The heart on your sleeve was a similar kind
I traced the scars thin jagged lines
Fresh coat of pain was plainly in view
Oh where does it hurt baby blue

You offered me up a mysterious smile
Held on to my hand walked the long mile
I was flat broke and broken in two
You came to me then baby blue


Our love sang its rhythms and rhymes
Made us drunk like fine wine
I held you close and whispered what's true
You were mine baby blue

Hail to the future it's long overdue
Let the veil fall away baby blue

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