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The dreadfull solo track

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Hello all,

I've experienced a strange rythm problem since I started to record (since long ago), but never had any solution about it.
May be some of you can help me to find out.
I explain:
I record my track on a good beat or bass line or anything else and the rythm sounds ok.
I mean the whole mix swings fine.
But when I solo my track it has no swing at all and sometimes even sounds out of beat.
Then I logicaly think I have to practice rythm and make more accurate playing. So I do.
But... if I record the same thing without any backing track or metronom my rythm swings fine and sounds ok.
So I'm sure I can play in rythm.
I precise I have good ears to ear when something is in time or not and I can feel when I don't play in time.
Usually, good musicians I play with don't complain about my rythm.
And when they do I can realise by myself that I was out when playing.
My rythm problems only appear when I solo my track played with something else.

I have noticed this with various instruments i played (bass, trumpet, banjo...) in various recording situations, not only in Wikiloops.

It is to a point that I'm ashamed to post my HD tracks here:)

Has anyone experienced this?
And does anyone have the knowledge or experience to explain this phenomenon to me?
Is there a medicine or should I just don't care?

Thanks for answers and have a good day :)
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If I understand correctly you might be experiencing "Latency" in your recording.
The problem can be addressed and fixed.
I suggest that you research the terms "Latency" and also "ASIO drivers" as they apply to audio recording.

Also this link might help you: http://www.asio4all.org/
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Hello my friend.

I just read your post and I thought about this too myself in the past. Im a drummer, and often I listened to my drum tracks and got a little bit niggled by the odd snare hit or bass drum not quite being in time, but then when I listened to the full track with guitars, bass, keyboards it sounded fine. I think this is because the track as a whole glues together and the tiniest of imperfections go unnoticed but soloed they are more noticable because there is nothing else cluttering up the sound, it is bare and exposed.

Listen to multitrack recordings of a commerical tune, I've got a few...you listen to for example David Bowies voice soloed, or Madonna, or John Taylors bass, and you will hear the same thing, it sometimes sounds slightly out of time or not quite in sync, but this is really picking at things more than you should.

One other thing, certain effects are used on bass guitars and drums to "lock in" the grooves, but thats really a separate conversation.

If it sounds great in a track and nothing is glaringly obvious from a timing point of view - go with it!
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I had this problem. When you export your track make sure both the Backing track and solo track are highlighted then mute the track you don’t want. Why ? Because if one track is shorter then the other it will come out short that’s why both need highlighting before exporting. :D
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Thanks for interest and answers :)

@FrankieJ: I'm 100% sure it's not a latency problem.
Latency would make my track sound fine when soloed but out of rythm with the other instruments.
Anyway I record with a digital recorder that has no latency at all.
I gave up to struggle with latency problems with my computer. Mine sometimes has some, sometimes not, so I never can trust the machine to be in time. I tried Asio4all but it doesn't change anything.
Thanks for advice anyway. :)

@GBD: I am not speaking about any technical problem with Wikiloops.
I ear the same thing in my recorder before I post the tracks on Wikiloops.
I supose your trick is interesting anyway but I didn't understand well what to "highlight" and mute.
I'll try to next time i post something.

Thanks for this interesting infos.
It is exactly what I was speaking about.
At least I know i'm not the only one! :)
I have never had the chance to ear commercial separate tracks like Bowie or Madona but I would be very curious to.
If I understand you well i suppose I should not mind this phenomenon.
I know it's more important the tracks sound good mixed together than soloed.
But my solo tracks sometimes sound so awkward!

So i wondered if this only happen to me or is a natural phenomenon.
(May be I'm hurting my brain for nothing triing to understand something natural.:D )
But I'm curious to know if any other wikiloopers have experienced the same?
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I'm talking about your recording program
Before Exporting a Audio track you need to select the track or tracks you want to export. If there different lengths selecting them individually they will end up different lengths. By selecting all the tracks and Muting what you don't want they will be the same length.

(note) when someone puts together tracks of different lengths they will be out of time
This was my problem yours maybe different. I use Cakewalk and sometimes Audacity.
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