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The Penny Tray

The Penny Tray

Lyric #2164 by deezee

Tags: Child Hood Memories
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deezee Supporter
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Dorothy Wilson

Mr and Mrs Smith,
owned the sweet shop
'round our corner.

I used to go and buy,
my sweets there
each and every day,
and buy them off
the penny tray.

I never had much money,
'cos we were very poor.
But to look upon that
penny tray,
I did used to adore.

Two half penny chews,
or a penny arrow bar.
A penny 'licorice stick
that used to go well,
with my sherbet dip.

Oh how I did love
my penny trip.

All for a Penny.
Once I could buy,
a sherbet dip Kali.

All for a penny,
I could buy,
a chew that lasts
for age's.

Sampling the flavour,
in different stages.
All for a penny,
I could buy.

An arrow bar,
of sheer delight.
In class at school,
I would take a bite.

And then at playtime,
I'd take another.
But then it would be pinched,
by my big brother.
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Shi Supporter
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cool lyrics Ms Dee :)
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deezee Supporter
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Thank you so much Shi:)
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics I used them on track #182707
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deezee Supporter
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Thanks for using my Lyrics sounds really cool GBD :)
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