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Hi everybody !
(Hi Dick;), this message is for you)

I was wondering if it would be possible to generate a link for a playlist. The idea is to make a selection for sharing. I know we can make albums (and have a few ones on progress) but I would really appreciate the possibility of sending a link leading to a playlist, wich is much less definitive.

As it is going to be christmas soon, I thought I could put it on my gift list :)

Special pre-christmas skinny hug to those who will recognize themselves ;)
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Playlists are definitely interesting. It's possible to go into anyone's profile and listen to their playlists as it is. This is a window into what they obviously think is good/great music. Wish I had heaps of time to check out what some of the great players here think is the cream of the crop.

Wish I'd remembered to hit the playlist button more often as there are so many tracks I'd like to listen to again...forever now buried under 100000 tracks!
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I agree about the interestingness of the playlist but they are not easy to find if you're not used to wikiloops so it's complicate to lead someone there.

That's why I'm asking if it is possible to have a direct link to display it.

But maybe it's not that easy to enable, I'm a nut in web programs !
The more you learn, the less you know !
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