I Don't Care

Lyric #1961 by DrStrgeglv

Tags: Cynical
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Pardon me
Did I take your place in line?
Courtesy never was a skill of mine
Before you judge me
By my incivility
Take a look inside my heart
And deep within you'll see
There is nothing hurting me
So it must, it must, it must be
That I don't care
Call me stupid if I stare
I don't care
If you demand a helping hand
I won't share
When you need a friend to love you
I'm not there
Don't you get it?
I don't care
Before you judge me
By my incivility
Take a look inside yourself
Witness your own apathy
Then you will surely see
It must be, it must be, you must be
Just like me
You don't care
Knock me down a flight of stairs
I don't care
You don't care
We don't care, do we?
Scuse me please
No, there's no emergency
Simply didn't wish to see
Your empty head in front of me
La, La, La, Li, Li, Li!
La, La, La, La, La, La, La, Li!
Run with me
Through the streets of Hollywood
Fight with me
For a day then call it good
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