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For those of you who are thinking about improving your bass skills, there are of course lots of resources, both online and offline.

Here's a good teacher, who retired after giving lessons at Berklee for many years. His name is Jum Stinnett, and an example of what he's about is here, where the topic is walking bass:


He has many more basic and also more advanced stuff out there.

Of course there's always the much more popular Scott Devine, but I guess most bass players know him already:


Let me know if you're interested in that kind of stuff. If not, it's ok as well :)

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It's always a good thing, to get input.I like your idea Wolfgang:)
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There is a guy called MarloveDk (i think) that has a ton of great stuff. Google him, i recall the site is called playbassnow or something
Pure fingerstyle
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Inspiration from Jim for today:

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