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Updating Profile Picture

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User Avatar Membre
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Joined: 16.05.12
I'm having trouble uploading a profile picture. I keep getting this message ~ Unable to update Profile:
Avatar file name is invalid. (I'm not doing anything with the avatar ... ?).

I get that message even after I adjust the pixels to be within the 100 x 100 limit, and even when my picture is under the mb limit also (my picture is kb). Is this happening because the website is too busy? I did get a picture posted, but when I took it down, now I can't even upload that same picture again. Help!
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User Avatar Membre
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Joined: 16.05.12
Okay, that is funny (not) it making a picture out of k b . That wasn't intentional.
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Super Administrateur
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thanks for the mention, I'll look into this and let you know when I solved the issue!
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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User Avatar Membre
Posts: 8
Joined: 16.05.12
Thanks Dick!

At least you know why I haven't put a pic up yet. I'll keep trying. I did one time--but then I took it down to put up a different pic and couldn't. :|
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