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Where to stay in Paris?

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Hi all,

my daughter, wife & me want to spend a week in Paris in about 4 weeks from now. What's the best possible place to stay, cost-wise? Youth hostel? B&B? Any tips on where we should look?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Last time I went to Paris I rented an appartment in Montmartre for 450 euros for one week. This woman rent her personnal appartment (cash money).

If you are interested I can get her phone number.
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Thanks Rob. We just booked something in that area already. Now we know that we'll be going - which is great :) Haven't been there since I was 20 or so myself...

Our daughter wants to see the Louvre, and everything else as well hehe... I guess we won't have much time then :D
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If you are a member of the german middle class and you know the beauty of France from your "youth" you might notice a economic change now.
In the old days a DM had the value of 3 FF. Then 2 DM changed to 1€ and 6 FF changed to 1€, too.
Now the prices in germany are mostly the same in Euros as the had been in DM. But you'll find the same phenomene in France: a "french" Euro is worth an old Franc after 17 years of economic developement.

By the way: My beloved camping space almost doubled the prices last year because his son has a new economic concept: pay twice for the same spot.
Paris is worth a visit. I had met the girl I married later at l'arc de triomphe.
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