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UI suggestion - show song titles in remix tree

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User Avatar Membre
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Just a suggestion since I know you don't have enough to do (!) but as someone who likes to put a bit of thought into my song titles, how about showing them instead of/as well as the track ID in the remix tree?
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The problem is: space!! The size of boxes would increase and vary quite a bit depending on the titles, and that would be very likely messing up the halfways decent clean structure of the current tree...
To squeeze 6 potential remix layers on the horizontal axis of a 320px device is quite a challenge already.
I could add the titles in bubbles that appear on mouseover ... would that seem useful?
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how about a "mouse over box" when you mouse over the track number it pops a box up with the song title of that track number.......like the man said..... it's not like your busy or overworked!
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User Avatar Membre
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Hmm - I see the problem. But I was thinking that you could use a smaller font and remove the track id (which is the least interesting piece of information on the screen)... :)
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