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I like to make videos for my songs. I used to have some on youtube but took then down because I feel the whole youtube community a bit too competitive and all I want to do is have a bit of fun. Also, I'd like to make videos from colloborations I have been involved with on here (with all parties permission of course)...wouldn't it be great to upload them on this site for the eyes of members only?
Dick is this at all possible or has this issue been already covered?
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Hey Tu,
Generally, almost anything is possible :)
I do have some split feelings about YouTube myself (don't know if you saw my recent think-out-loud on that in the Copyright thread), so I absolutely understand where you are coming from.

The truth is: The main argument against offering video hosting on wikiloops is the cost factor, you really only need to compare the size of one of your videos with the size of the wikiloops standard mp3 to get an idea of how much more traffic video hosting consumes for the same five-minutes-of-fun, and of course people want instant streaming HD video (or even better, 5 quality levels to choose from), not something that starts buffering every three seconds... that is tough to provide on a slim budget :)

But who knows, maybe I can work something out one day, but that would probably have to be one of those features which can only be offered to supporting members. If there's more folks showing interest i that direction, I might as well put it on the long-term-toDo-List.
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I like the idea from Tu very, very much :W
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