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Hello From Italy

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Hi People!

My name is Valerio, i'm coming from Italy in the middle of the Alps.
My nickname is Balera78, Balera means “the dancer” or “ a dance place”.
When i was younger , usually i went to dance at the disco, a lot of gin too (nice times),
for this reason my friends called me “Balera”.
I'm playing guitar since 1994, my first beloved guitar player was Yngwie Malmsteen.
My actually favourite is Nile Rodgers, a little bit different.
I played in many bands, and joined many projects (prog, rock,jazz, funk).
A few years ago i bought guitar parts to assemble it, in my profile you can see the pic
of my favourite self assembled guitar.
Don't remeber how, but googling i discovered this site, it is the top for jamming online.
I already joined some jams, it was really funny and educational.

Danke Dick fur deine Arbeit, du hast etwas Klasse geschafft!
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Welcome to the Loops ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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Welcome to the wiki I play Bass and can't wait to add some bass lines to your stuff. Jam on and enjoy your time on the wiki.

Rickplayer aka Dave
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Welcome from me too and have a good times with music and friends :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Welcome to the Loops, have fun :)
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Welcome To the loops Balera! happy to have you here!
Hi! I'm Alice ..Nice To Meet You!
Don't forget to be happy today!
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