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support wikiloops - heres some things you could do...

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Hey Fellows,
thanks for checking this out :)

I'll make this one a sticky post, so you may take a look whats happening!

Theres many things that need to be done, and most require time more than money, and some are so simple people would not have thought of this as a means of support. So just dont be surprised if I start with:


1. leave thumbs on jams you like and keep up the good spirit of wikiloops!
2. use the facebook and twitter-share links to get the word out to more people - every post helps!!

3. tell people about wikiloops on a musicians board you may be active in
3.2 Add a link to wikiloops to your profile page or your signature on other sites you are active in
3.3 add a link your wikiloops profile from your youtube channel or other profiles
4. send a link to friends by email

- ZERO COST SUPPORT REQUIRING time & language skills
5. help translating wikiloops user interfaces in spanish, french or any other language you know! Please contact me via PM is you are interested in this task, I have developed a quite nice to manage way for you to develop your own language skins... and this concern will help wikiloops most to reach out around the globe!

...is welcome and needed, please visit the [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/donate.php]donate page[/url] to donate or to buy a [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/donate.php]wikiloops shirt[/url]!

thanks again for considering!
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... something I noticed in the statistics this morning,

this one goes out to Lutz - it shows how Lutz french translation is helping, guess you'll understand without further explanation :)
Thanks Lutz, its been a while, its been a lot of work (and we need to do a little redo here and there to get the new features updated again...) but look what you made come true! Thanks ou merci beucup mon ami :)

p.s. " #1 " means google search result 1 :)
Dick attached the following image:

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There might be enough Italian speakers too to warrant an Italian translation one too. :)

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These informations should be more visible, it took me some time to find this post and the feedback thread is the last place I've looked into :)

Can actually clicking on ads/sponsors be a ZERO COST SUPPORT REQUIRING LESS THAN A MINUTE?
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Hey stefano,
about the ad-click question:
Yes, wikiloops gets paid a few cents on ad clicks, BUT google does track pretty intelligently if soeone just clicks on an ad and closes the opened page right away or actually looks at what is offered. They will also notice if there are too many ad-clicks from one IP to be real, and they penaltize such things pretty harshly. Otherwise, all webmasters would stop coding and sit there clicking on ads all day :)
So, please, do not mass click ads on wikiloops, it will cause more harm than it will help.

yeah, and about the visibility of this thread: well, back in 2012, there were a lot less threads in this forum, so I guess it used to be more promintent. I'm not going to move this info to the startpage now ;) Thanks for finding it anyways :)
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Ok Dick, of course mass-clicking is not what I was thinking about. I will try to be smart enough to get those few cents :) .
My question came after we talked about disabling ab-blokers on our beloved website :) . Keep up the good job guys and thank you!
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well, if you have a look at the beta site, you might notice I added something addressing the ad-block issue :)
People need to realize we cannot run a project like this website without helping hands, so a lot of attention-pointing has been added.
Still working on the update, but pretty positive it will be done sometime in the nearer future.
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