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I think it would be cool to have a map where we could see where we all live. I am sure there are folk on here from evey corner of the planet. It would probably be quite time consuming to assemble...alternatively..why not mention here about where you come from. I saw that cool thread about whats in a profile me thinkin where we come from is cool too.
So me first. I am a Celtic Canadian Cockney and I live in beautiful Nova Scotia in Atlantic Canada, nr the town of Wolfville in the stunning Annapolis Valley. I love living nr nature...I find it very inspirational.

Your turn loopers!
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Hey Tu - this might be in some way what you are looking for -
note, this map does show visitors from 2012 on, it is some external services product (revolvermaps),
which is why I decided not to use it any longer in the new version.
I do care about data privacy, and its tools like this one which are collecting peoples online activity data...
so, do not feel surprised to see little "live" activity on this map - it will only track people who are either looking at this page here, or visiting one of the not-yet-updated domains of wikiloops.
Still, it's quite an impressive sight, right?

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It's blowing up in Corpus Christi!:o
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