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Japan and Anime Music

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It would be great to have Wikiloops for Japan. There are lots of great players over there. I would like to get involved with the Anime style and the "robot singers."
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Only four members from Japan so far. There are limited numbers of members from most Asian countries. Wikiloops is still in a "chicken/egg" status of what comes first: notoriety that will bring in members or members that give notoriety.

Wikiloops also has a very "Western popular music" profile. Why would anyone Japanese publish work in a place where (it would likely appear to them that) they didn't have much of a ready/appreciative audience?

If you have contacts there encourage them, then encourage us to listen and make them feel welcome/accepted. If you have no contact then send messages to the four current members and see what happens.
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All it takes to open the gates is another crazy one willing to sit done on yet one more interface translation, that eventually leads to google searches in japanese landing on wikiloops and on we go...
no rocket science, just a lot of work, done it six times so far.
I don't seriously believe you'd be hanging around here if wikiloops was in german only, right?
So, bottom line, if you want to see it happen, round up some reliable volonteer who ideally loves english and music and knows his japanese to do the tranlsation job.
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