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Hello from Canada!

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(nevermind my poor english)

Hi everyone,

Just discovered this wonderful website recently. I was kind of stuck on the instrument for a while and didn't put as much time as I wanted (work work). However, this site just gave me back so motivation. It's just so much fun :). Just posted little adds on 2 jamtracks recently.

I've been playing for close to 15 years, on and off. Mainly rock, gypsy jazz, acoustic and standard jazz stuff.

Here's a short clip from me on youtube playing some Greg Howe stuff :

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSlctC_R7go] PO Merizzi - Greg Howe - Extraction [/url]

Hope to jam soon with all of you!

PO Mérizzi
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Wow! Super playing and, from me, a super welcome! Bienvenue!
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I've already had the pleasure to cross your road and a track and Yes... You rock and that's cool you've reached this place Po
Welcome again

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Welcome to the Loops! Saw the clip, wow that is some smooth playing!!
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Great playing hope you upload soon would like to play along with you
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Salut! Pierre,
really enjoyed your youtube clip, look forward to hearing you on this site.

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Hello and Welcome ! Bonjour et Bienvenue :-)!
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