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If I was going to start a new jam (playing bass) would people prefer me to record the bassline on its own or with an audible click track?

If you want a click, would it help if I recorded the bass on the left channel and the click on the right so you could take it out afterwards? I only have a mono output so this isn't an issue for me.


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I think that really depends on the sort of bassline you play :)
If its straight up and doesn't have too long breaks, I guess I'd be fine without a click, if its dreamy melody or wicked changes, a click might be cool.
I wouldn't rely on people being able to mute one channel of your mp3, in case you split the click and bass to left and right, that might not be possible in simple recording programs (I dunno) - just dont make it too loud, so it may be easily covered up by some percussions added later.
If I needed a real loud click on my headphone, and your recording were really tight on the time, I'd just let my own click run from cubase, set on the tempo you stated, that works quite well, too. Gotta take care to sync the recording and the click, no biggie.

now I wonder if this answer is of any help to you :)
be good, and lets hear that!
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It's easier to add a click later than taking it out afterwards I guess. I think I'll remove the click track after recording the bassline but leave the first bar as a count-in before I start playing.

To work!
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yes. i always like a few clicks before the track starts. but the idea of a click on one panorama side is not that good. and takes you the ability to fool around a bit with some effects that use a panning
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