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Follow / un-Follow / see Followed

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User Avatar Membre
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I was browsing some tracks and happened upon one that Shi provided vocals on. I decided I wanted to follow Shi but there was no Follow button / feature on the profile page. I couldn't figure out why.

Eventually I realized I had already followed Shi, which is why I'm assuming there was no Follow button. :) I had to dig into my own profile > open About Me > then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who I was following. At least that's the only way I could quickly figure out how to see this.

I would prefer if there if the Follow button persisted on the profile but changed state to indicate I've already followed. And provide me a way to un-Follow.

This isn't anything critical. Maybe something similar to how Facebook handles similar functions.

Click Follow > changes button to Following > click or hover Following to see menu to allow me to Un-Follow
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User Avatar Membre
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Thanks to a clue in the Help page I finally found where the un-Follow currently resides.

Your profile > Settings/Gear icon > Click unfollow link which opens this page: http://www.wikiloops.com/unfollow.php
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Still, a valid observation. I don't really love to copy things facebook, but as they set a kind of "expected" standard, this one might be worth changing.
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