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I am so happy to upload this track. I love reggae and Alice's vocals... So I put both together with loads of sweetness here. Alice aka Aleonz gave me the lovely gift of her vocals in this track. I programmed some reggae drums, played keys - piano, hammond, clav and fm - and added some muted guitars too. Alice added her lovely voice and a infinite talent that makes this one of my favorites tracks. It needs bass (a lot), guitars, brass and winds, percussion... ...


ohhh yeah i melt!!!+1
Octobre 24 2016 02:10:11
Marcelo D Me toooo hahahahahaha. Thanks for hearing. Glad you liked :) +1
Octobre 24 2016 02:17:37
jamlady :) +0
Yasssss! Thank you for this sweet gift Marcelo.. still mesmerize by this loveliest reggae song you made, it pulled all the melodies and words from my head right away, so so good to feel that...you really put a big attention when you do music, all details just excellent...you are aweeeesome! Always a pleasure to play with you 😊+1
Octobre 24 2016 02:09:13
Marcelo D Yaasssss. Greetings in tha name of the most I Jah Rastafariiiii. The lion from the tribe of Judah.
Yeah, we got the vibe Al.
Thank you so much for singing in my track.
You have the sweetest voice ever.
This is pure honey.
Jamlady melt and so did I :)
I am looping this song endless... Its perfect. Loving and enjoying every note you sing.
Thanks a lot.
Mai 07 2017 15:56:41
aleonz This song say it all! +0
Fantastic! Both of U .. well done my friends! :)+1
Octobre 24 2016 02:11:53
Marcelo D Thank you from both of us Ernie. Wanna try some rasta bass on this? It would be awesome :) Thanks for hearing :) +1
Summer's over in the Northern Hemisphere, but I'm going to blast this out in the back garden next spring. :)+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:42:14
Marcelo D Cmon WanHu, don't need to wait. You can put this in your headphones right now my friend. So you know how to sing it next spring. Thanks for hearing. Glad you liked. :) +1
Tip of the hat to both of you, excellence on display here!!+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:43:31
Marcelo D Thanks from both of us Bothen. We are glad you liked:) +0
fantastic track - sounds great+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:45:17
Marcelo D Thanks buddy. Alice did an amazing job on the vocals. She is amazing. +1
Lenny Cowler
awesome track with great Alice´s vocals:)+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:46:39
Lenny Cowler
Marcelo D Thanks from both. Glad you liked Lenny:) +1
Hi Marcelo. I Just woke up. It´s 5 o´clock in the morning. Still with seep in my eyes I find this song. And from the fist note I know this is gonna be a wonderful day.This song is great awesome and vere cute at the same time. :) Thanks for sharing with us. And thank you for the great awakening. :)+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:49:28
Marcelo D Hi Peter. Good Monday morning (should I say afternoon or evening?) This song really has a great vibe. I am so glad liked and we thank you for hearing:) +1
Octobre 24 2016 14:00:28
Peterpingo Thanks Marcelo. Maybe I wasn´t totally awake though. I forgot to say that my BIG like to the song of course goes to Alice as well. :) +0
cool track ♪♪♪♪♪ :)+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:49:58
Marcelo D Thank you! Glad you liked: +0
fantastic Marcelo and Alice,great song :)+1
Octobre 24 2016 13:52:23
Marcelo D Hey great Xavi. That's a real team work here. Alice's vocals are amazing and I worked many days on these drums and mix. I am very glad you liked. Thanks from both of us. +0
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