Rock-it 19

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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Rock and Roll!!!! Muisic to get your feet moving and your blood boiling. Major Tom + Drumshticks + Ernie = Power. Tenor sax hanging in there and trying to be cool...well maybe just relevant?


A fine smooth sax attack on this February jam Wade! Great to hear this track again and great to hear you wailing away on it .. sounds wicked amigo!! :W:D Thanks for joining us!;)+2
Avril 24 2020 11:48:55
Wade Wish I'd made the sax sound a little dirtier. Next time!!! Good to be following you again. +0
Hey Wade:)Cool as always buddy:Y:Y+1
Avril 24 2020 11:49:27
Wade Thanks Pete. Good to blow out the cobwebs once in a while Eh? +1
so unusual to hear a sax in a rockish environment but yeah why not ?? nice punchy jam :)+1
Avril 24 2020 11:50:14
Wade Really should have made it a much dirtier sound, but glad if it works. Thanks OliVBee +1
It's great to hear you play here! Cool mix too:W+1
Avril 24 2020 11:50:57
Wade Well, not really my thing, but why not...and it was fun! Cheers Pewi! +1
Rock and Roll with the punches, man:W+1
Avril 24 2020 11:51:36
Wade Thanks Iavn. Really need to go dirtier to fit a bit better. Next time! +1
Avril 24 2020 11:54:09
Ivanovitch Tap your inner filth +1
Avril 24 2020 12:11:04
Wade Really trying hard to NOT tap into the "dirty old man" thing. +1
Avril 24 2020 13:22:12
Ivanovitch If you've got it, flaunt it +1
What a great edge you have given this, I thinks there is a lot to be said for bringing the (Rock) experience Wade...great class:W:W:D+1
Avril 24 2020 11:52:13
Wade Hopefully got the feeling right, but need a dirtier tone. Cheers Pete +0
This jam kinda has a Pink Floyd vibe, great playing Wade!+1
Avril 24 2020 22:58:38
Wade Just happy if there's a fit of some sort. Cheers! +0
A raw and wild performance! Cool track I diggit :o:D<3+1
Avril 24 2020 11:53:47
Wade Occasionally Primal Scream therapy works! Thanks Tu. +1
I love the sax in the Rock. One of my absolute favorites is the great Bobby Keys. But you maintain your style by playing on the volume and intensity in the escursions of your splendid sound "waves" without ever forcing in excess and this once again proves how personal and coherent your style is and this is what I love.+1
Avril 24 2020 11:55:47
Wade A great compliment for you is to think I have a style. Hopefully that's right. I generally think of myself as just jumping in and trying to fit. Style means (to me) that there is a recognizable voice? +0
definitely cool!+1
Avril 24 2020 11:57:17
CI Section
Wade I'm game to try anything! Doesn't mean I'll do it well, but if it's fun, then it was worthwhile. Thanks! +1
Avril 24 2020 21:59:41
CI Section
CI Section Completely my persuasion - we are wanderers between the genres:) +1
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