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Lovely piece from Erwan. I've added a melody line. Thanks for listening.


thank you a thousand times, splendid melody with your Frankie's guitar playing signature <3+3
Décembre 17 2019 09:11:45
FrankieJ Thank you for the great template and inspiration:) +0
Wow!! super guitar Frankie,swear I was listening to Mark Knopfler,mean it as a big compliment:Y+2
Décembre 17 2019 09:06:10
FrankieJ A very nice compliment. Thanks Pete:) +0
Amazing playing aside..that tone is to die for.Love it!+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:15:32
FrankieJ thanks LW:) +1
Décembre 18 2019 20:01:33
LittleWing I really really love this track, Frank. Cant get enough of it. Im also relooking at an older track of yours I did as Relativity... #54203 .I remember having fun trying to get a Beatles "I want you (she's so heavy)" vibe. +0
Décembre 19 2019 20:04:50
FrankieJ Didn't know you were one in the same Joe. Would have welcomed you back. So welcome back!
Yes I remember that track. Love what you did with it.
thanks Joe:)
Décembre 19 2019 20:11:21
LittleWing Yes, I am sorry. Its been no secret and no drama behind the name change. Sorry...I forget sometimes not everyone is aware. I went the Cody tripp/Jodi Tripp/Major Tom route to spicin' things up a bit and start new. +1
Décembre 19 2019 20:12:48
LittleWing I wanted to be like Prince and change my name to a symbol but that didnt fly to well. +1
Décembre 19 2019 20:25:03
FrankieJ Hey all is cool. I've thought about changing my handle. Never been that fond of it but it was the wife's idea when I first joined here. Wanted it to just be Frank but not enough characters or something. Cant remember. +0
Décembre 19 2019 20:33:40
LittleWing I discussed it a little with Tom. Its a challenge.You dont want to be decieptful and just start a new handle yet you want to start fresh and come in knowing what you know now but any past accomplishments are null and void. Its a new start. i did have some fun the first track pretending to be a newb but I was trying to be careful not to come across as devious so I made sure certain members knew ahead of time . My old account is there but Dick removed the name at my request as there was no going back. Creativley it then becomes a challenge to prove yourself again. As Relativity I had one track , i think its 7,000 listens and I know Cody tripp had a few up there and where the heck do you go from there. It still is a challenge and then situations like this happen with others as well where you explain "i used to be Relativity..."Creatively it wakes you up and keeps you sharp.Its hard to explain unless you do it. Tom went a slightly softer , easy route with the name changes, but I decided come in completely unknown except for a few, but dont hide it.
When I was a chicago studio musician we would go to Ohare Airport and pretend we were homeless musicians. Each of us would pick a location, put a cup out and play for money on an acoustic. The person with the most money won, but we donated the bread to charity . It was the challenge and kept up sharp and hungry.Ill never forget the lessons from doing that.While I am not pro anymore, this is what i do for enjoyment and I am passionate about it. the last thing i want is for it to become routine and "going thru the motions".

Otherwise, a simple email to Dick, and you can be Fabulous Frankie without the drama.
Décembre 19 2019 21:03:29
FrankieJ Ha ha Fabulous frankie. I like that. Just cant tell the wife :D
Interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
Décembre 17 2019 09:15:01
FrankieJ thanks deezee:) +1
I dig how your guitar sings under your fingers, attack and sustain, auto slide/vibrato is impressive. You are sounding like a Frankie Jay :)+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:14:40
FrankieJ thanks Tof:) +0
Fantastic Frankej;)<3+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:13:56
FrankieJ thanks Charli:) +1
Décembre 17 2019 09:13:34
FrankieJ thanks Joao:) +0
Style and heart. <3+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:10:30
FrankieJ thanks Rob:) +1
Surprisingly simple for you <3+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:09:18
FrankieJ I know nothing.
thanks titi:)
Excellent !:W<3 Wonderfull melody and sound !+1
Décembre 17 2019 09:07:42
FrankieJ thanks Papablues:) +1
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