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Recently took up bass after wanting one for a dozen years.

Jazz, because (going all the way back to Bach) what else is there? :)

Vocals: Ella, Cleo, Peggy.
Piano: Bill, Herbie (?)
Guitar: Serge Fiori (not jazz, admittedly, but progressive folk and world influences)


Own: electric bass (Artist). Still a newb.
Working on: "Eleven-Four" (Desmond); "What am I Here For"(Ellington), and the like

Play: Guitar (12-string), Piano, Voice. Long history with these.

Crave: Yamaha DX7 with sustain pedal.

recording devices

Audacity and a horrible bass/guitar interface. :P

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Wikiloops is the best way to start recording your music and becoming a better musician. I love this friendly, creative and musical place.
Carpenter from Germany

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