1. 22 juin 2024
    Rock jam avec Shamika à la Vocals Piste # 296841
    Life is a problem ?
  2. 18 juin 2024
    Country jam avec Shamika à la Vocals Piste # 296625
    Onomatopoeia Problem
    de hartmut & Shamika
  3. 17 juin 2024
    Unplugged jam avec Shamika à la Vocals & Clavier Piste # 296598
    A new language
    de Shamika

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I am Jillianne Wright from England but known here as Shamika, a name I quickly chose (and later regretted) back in 2012. I have spent the past year trying to get some action in the forum, but lately I've realised this is probably not what is needed as the language of many members excludes participation.
I'm not really a jammer as I no longer have music making equipment. I do have a huge back catalog of songs and I can offer vocals and lyrics for anyone who needs them .... and that's about it :)

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This is such a great idea, helping musicians to make music from anywhere around the world !
Tintin from Canada

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