1. 12 avril 2020
    BossaNova remix par GlezBass avec OKO à la Vocals Piste # 187182
    Pieces... April Spring Bossa
  2. 10 avril 2020
    BossaNova jam avec OKO à la Vocals Piste # 186948
    Pieces (mix by OlivBee) Bossa Avril
  3. 6 avril 2020
    Jazz remix par wjl avec OKO à la Vocals Piste # 186535
    Count on me (remix)
  4. 19 mars 2020
    Jazz remix par jjdf avec OKO à la Vocals Piste # 184863
    Like foolish lovers
  5. 13 août 2019
    Jazz jam avec OKO à la Vocals Piste # 169398
    Swing it/ Was it a dream


Hello everyone. I'm so glad to sing from time to time with so many talented music lovers, here on wiki.
I love jazz, bossa nova, electronic music, and i'm also active on kompoz music collaborations. Thanks for the support and the great atmosphere we can find on this site, it is very much appreciated. Olivia



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Jamming with others is so easy and there is an atmosphere of cooperation and morale support with musicians which is priceless and why I support wiki!
Itocpogo from United States

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