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Sing a song 3 by GemmyF

sing a song 3

sing a song 3
À propos de cet album

These songs are presented from most the recently recorded songs to older tracks(if you consider 16 days old).

Recorded September 30 - Oct. 16, 2016

The Music is quite enjoyable and varied on this album.

Thanks for the folks that ADDed to songs(making for a full robust flavor)


Thanks to the folks that made some inspiring music that would compel me to download, sing and in a can, and put these songs up. Exposing myself to (the wikiWorld)!

As Dick recently said "LOL"!
GemmyF créé par GemmyF on 16 oct. 2016

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Ecoutes: 3169 fois

Artistes impliqués

Box of chocolates


Chronique par garymcmill le 9 janv. 2017

Bothen describe your music so well. Always a good surprise.



Chronique par Bothen le 6 nov. 2016

You are like a box of chocolates Jim, you just don't know what your gonna get when you click one of your links. You have a great imagination and are blessed with putting it to music. Thanks for having me on this cool album!



Chronique par Nige le 18 oct. 2016

totally stoked to be added, it started as a quick experiment and has turned out to be fairly popular.
great album btw, nice work by all.

The art of Jim


Chronique par ivax le 16 oct. 2016

you are of those people who leave footprint,always so creative, and so personal, "camaleonico", but subtle, is wonderful be friend of you, and above all enjoy your accompanying at the jams...Thanks for your friendship...Gemmy



Chronique par PaulBOwens le 16 oct. 2016

I am very honored to be included as one of Gammy's collaborators in this fine collection. I am looking forward to listening to all the tracks.

unique style


Chronique par bhunt1 le 16 oct. 2016

Gemmy has a unique style that is recognizable in each of his tracks. His influences and his collaborators are diverse, but he always has his stamp on each of the songs he contributes to.

Cool and Unique!


Chronique par 2underpar le 16 oct. 2016

Wow, your volume of cool tracks is amazing. Many of these tracks I've never heard before and I try to listen to your stuff all the time. You built a cool album with some very talented artist. Definitely some great listening for when I'm stuck away from home in the hotel. Thanks for including me in the project.


Excellent Collection of Tunes


Chronique par Ernie440 le 16 oct. 2016

Gemmy is a talented and extremely creative performer with a seemingly endless font of ideas. Very pleased to be included in this cool collection of his songs. Thanks Jim!

A fine collection


Chronique par apsummerlin le 8 oct. 2018

Some very nice tracks here! DOWNLOADED! :D

post scriptum


Chronique par Uloisius le 23 sept. 2017

downloaded ;o)

yesss ...


Chronique par Uloisius le 19 sept. 2017

oh Gemmy, a true cornucopia of fine music that you present here. Your great, creative song is omnipresent and inspires me ;o) All in all superduper ;o)
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Many thanks for creating this amazing site,its every jammers dream,so many great musicians to record with. Thanks again.
petebass from England

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