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When I Was Young

When I Was Young
à propos de cet album:
My 2nd album! The title track is one of my all time favorites. Many thanks to all of the fine musicians that contributed to this effort. Long live Wikiloops!ALawrence1 créé par ALawrence1 on 05/24/2016

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Chronique par frenzie le 05/24/2016

I am happy and proud to be on this album andrea has made me happy with her clear and alt-type country voice, and lyrics about love lost and gained, a mix of wonderful ballads and country songs, an album to enjoy! :)

One of my favorite singers


Chronique par ROBJOL le 04/08/2021

Always a pleasure to hear your "country-blues" voice. And happy to be part of this very nice album.

the art of Andrea


Chronique par ivax le 11/10/2016

Thank you Andrea for your style, and remember that always, your music keeps us young....
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