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Wikitalent by mpointon


À propos de cet album

Wikiloops. *The* online crucible of talent, creativity and outright collaboration. Facebook? Social networking? Get stuffed. This is where it's at - musicians listening, interpreting and responding to each other in ways 'social networking' can only dream of. Photoshopping cats for global 'meme' amusement is one thing, making great music when the players are up to 8000 or more miles away is something Facebook's social graph can only dream of.

These tracks all have one thing in common: they all came about from just a drum template. No melody, no guide beyond just time and a basic style. The rest is the pure creativity and originality of those who added. Testimony to the sheer breadth of talent found amongst the Wikiloops.

I must make special mention of 'Universe Crumbling' because Ninfrag will not show up in the artist list. It is his tune, his phenomenal add - I just re-did the drums as a new template for it based on his original add to my template. It is his music, not mine. Like a drummer should, I just kept time.

Enjoy. I always do. mpointon créé par mpointon on 12 avr. 2016

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This is more than music...


Chronique par Funkystan le 12 avr. 2016

When I came back to music 3 or 4 months ago and discovered wikiloops, the first track I've downloaded and worked on was one of your templates Martin. And then the virus of music came back...
Many thanks for the way you play and share your enthusiasm.
I wish I could "thumb up" your words too ^^

indispensable talent!


Chronique par Marceys le 12 avr. 2016

It is always very cool to hear your tracks Martin! You give tracks such cool direction and groove!

It is great to hear your wideness of genre, you play a lot of different musicstyles and all with the right feel! That is something that I admire a lot in your work!

thanks for all the great tracks you have made and hope you/we will do a lot more in future!



Illustrious company


Chronique par PaulBOwens le 15 avr. 2016

Hi Martin..... its a real privilege to be amongst the very talented players on this collection. Always a pleasure to collaborate with you my friend, your playing brings out the best in people. Best wishes - Paul

One of the greatest!


Chronique par aleonz le 13 avr. 2016

I sometimes afraid you'll get bored to hear my compliment, but you know exactly how I admire, respect and appreciate your work.

You play across all genre like snapping fingers, and you always serves us the best meal on the table, which always give an excellent taste to all the song you had touched. You understand what the song need, and not only that you can go up above than what we expected.

A great honor to be part of this album
thank you very much for your music and keep sharing your wonderful talent with us Martin!



Chronique par Wade le 12 avr. 2016

I like your comment "I JUST keep time" ...like the backbone JUST holds up the body!! Too modest. The glue and backbone is just so obvious in all these tracks. Superb drumming that the rest of us are privileged to accompany. Such fine music.



Chronique par kennyadry le 12 avr. 2016

I have a feeling that you really have some soft spots in you with this. Really nice collection of instrumentals :)

Busy Drummer


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 12 avr. 2016

Whatever the style, a nice jam always needs some cool drums... Here it is :)

awsome groovy time keeper !


Chronique par OliVBee le 12 avr. 2016

what a great collection of tracks ! demonstrationg how rich wikiloops is ... rich of priceless musicians willing to share the joy of having musical fun together ... rich of diversity ... rich of wonderful talent ! and talent you certainly don't lack of :)
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
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It's better than sitting on the couch watching TV !!! The Wiki Crew Rocks !!!
WHITEPONGO from United States

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