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Music for the People by rp3drums

Music for the People

Music for the People
À propos de cet album

Some of the newer stuff I have been jamming on, mostly with vocals, hit songs ... Loop style. Thanks to everyone involved, everyone who listened and everyone who left a thumb... the Loops is the greatest place on the Web!



photo: rp3, Jakarta, Indonesia rp3drums créé par rp3drums on 24 juin 2016

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A pleasant listen


Chronique par FrankieJ le 2 juil. 2016

Enjoyed listening.
An honor to be included here.

Super Album


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 27 juin 2016

Very good choice of songs, we are really lucky guys to share music here. Honestly, this album sounds so good. the pop feeling is the "glue" between all these tracks and a real nice team of contributors here !!

another taste of wikiloops :)


Chronique par Dick le 27 juin 2016

Just spent some time working and listening to this album -
awesome job assembling this, it does have a common sound & feel to it while involving quite a lot of different artists.
Thanks for this, enjoyed the listen!

Wonderful Album!


Chronique par aleonz le 26 juin 2016

So good to be a part of this album, thank you so much for sharing your musical talent Ray!

very cool cover album, it's taken from jakarta! sweet :)

Great Album!!!


Chronique par Funkystan le 25 juin 2016

Hi Ray,
Many thanks for publishing this album. I'm glad to be part of. You've also allowed me to discover many tracks I've missed so far. I do hope I'll join on many other tracks...
Keep on rocking pal ^^



Chronique par onewholeft le 25 juin 2016

A great album Ray and I'm honoured to be included 😀😀😀😀😀

Great Collection of Tunes


Chronique par Ernie440 le 24 juin 2016

Fantastic Ray, glad to see my contributions on your album, thanks man, it's been a blast adding to your great drums and everyone else involved. :)

thank you ..


Chronique par AKchen le 24 juin 2016

.. for being a part of this beautiful album :) well feeling ...
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