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We want to walk with caution a rhythm on a catwalk, moistened by a heavenly waterfall!
We have played and experiment with noises, techno, pop, jazz, classic, World music and also providing our ingenuity and experience.
We sometimes start from an image or video or image. converting colors and shapes to sounds even if they are strangers ...
Get wet with us!
(Waterval project, josepssv) ________

The duck is an exciting challenging situation. Would she find what she is looking for? Fortunately there is water.
A light splash and blow at the same time was what I wanted.
But he stayed in bubbling and stroke.
We have it all - to be artists - except this awareness happy to have you as friends and musical companions
(Waterval project, ericblom) AKchen créé par AKchen on 28 févr. 2016

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Excellent Album


Chronique par frankyguitar le 14 avr. 2016

Hey friends, this is really an excellent Album! Much fun to listen, from the till the last note! Sometimes it surprises you and you will listen always very cool and interessting music! Enjoy!!



Chronique par earlsteven le 31 mars 2016

it is realy water from beginning to...(i think there is no end) !!! well done from everyone and thx for the spirits...



Chronique par Tofzegrit le 1 mars 2016

I did not understand the community side of this album !
Yes, Wikiloops could make it possible !
So well done everybody involved here

Miguel1974 special thanks


Chronique par josepssv le 28 févr. 2016

We want to especially thank Miguel1974 that although for reasons not appear in the credits, it contains your music.
Thanks Miguel!!

An exceptional listening experience ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 28 févr. 2016

very nice, experimental, interesting & innovative album. Congratulations to you all ;o)

O° O o ° o 0 ° o°


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 1 mars 2016

A pure Artistic concept from my Fairy !
So good Idea to bring us the water



Chronique par will_C le 28 févr. 2016

This is a wonderful compilation of what has happened in the first phase of this project. Thanks to everyone I met here and special thanks to Dick, for providing the platform on which this happens!



Chronique par ericblom le 28 févr. 2016

Never thought this would happen and arise. Thanks to Wikiloops and my friends there it is born. In the last two years I improved myself, thanks to you all, to the musician I am now. I want to thank you all for that!!!.
A special thank I want to give to my friend Jose who has opened a door of creativity for me.



Chronique par Babbazitt le 1 avr. 2016

Great project - never-ending......

Crazy enough to do justice to the facets of the waterfall.


Chronique par Jolux le 24 janv. 2018

Came to tihs Album from abuitremorem profile. A great music experience the tension from a single drop to the active torrent is very impressively implemented in my opinion, your music is also "psychoactive and ensures the visual flooding of the synapses" when listening. Great musicians / artists create and work together here. That's why everything sounds so honest and crazy enough to do justice to the facets of the waterfall.
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