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Jump That Bass by jmrukkers

Jump That Bass

Jump That Bass
À propos de cet album

Selection of bass tracks by jmrukkers jmrukkers créé par jmrukkers on 13 févr. 2016

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Chronique par adu le 22 févr. 2016

You are the Band, Joe! :)

Great Album J!


Chronique par aleonz le 14 févr. 2016

You are a one man show! not a sloppy one, but a very excellent one! so glad to be part of this album!


Ruk is a gentleman and a great musician, you can't go wrong with him.


Chronique par Girard le 14 févr. 2016

The title says what I wanted to say.

Master Musician


Chronique par FrankieJ le 13 févr. 2016

Jmrukkers. A gifted Multi-instrumentalist.
Great album!
It is an honor to be included here.

Way Cool!


Chronique par Marceys le 13 févr. 2016

Great to hear how you handle all these different instruments! Hammond, sax, bass! All cool action!

Cool to be part of the album!


Multi Talented Musician


Chronique par bhunt1 le 13 févr. 2016

Jmrukkers is a multi talented multi instrumentalist. This album shows off his bass skills, which are considerable. He has the funky groove and melodic styles covered with flair and musicianship. He has excellent phrasing in his tracks. Great stuff!
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