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Jamming with Friends by adu

Jamming with Friends

Jamming with Friends
À propos de cet album

My first album. Thanks to all great musicians who have contributed. adu créé par adu on 21 févr. 2016

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Adu Adu Adu !


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 21 févr. 2016

So many "templates" that becomes top tunes !
And this guy is my friend !!!!

It's All About The Riff!


Chronique par incivanpico le 10 sept. 2016

Your templates always offer so much Adu! Unmistakeable style and there always a pleasure both 2 listen 2 and add. I'm a Fan 4Sure m8! ;) :)
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What's really unique here is the positive attitude of the community, with encouragement and support for everyone. I found that nowhere else on the net.
Lutz from France

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