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Shades of Blue by davet

Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue
À propos de cet album

Here is a compilation of some of my favourite blues tracks from the last year. davet créé par davet on 11 janv. 2016

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Chronique par Keiton le 14 avr. 2016

He is a one of great guitar player at wikiloops. I know that he is a blues feeling overflowing guitarist from the time that I heard for the first time his playing.

Er ist einer der großen Gitarristen bei wikiloops. Ich weiß, dass er ein Blues ist überquell Gitarrist aus der Zeit das Gefühl, dass ich zum ersten Mal sein Spiel gehört.

--Keiton Arvelaiz



Chronique par jjdf le 7 févr. 2018

wonderful guitar... so good collection of blues.!

Some Fine Blues Rock Guitar Here


Chronique par gwailoah le 7 févr. 2018

First time coming across Dave's guitar work though he is a clear veteran of the Loops. This collection showcases collaborations with some of Wikiloops' finest. Dave's clear joy for the style and tone of Gary Moore shines through on many of the tracks here, and he pulls them off commendably. He lends a somewhat gentler approach to the music than his hero which, for me, works very well. If you like searing blues rock guitar work, shake an ear or two at this album. Good one!


Chronique par BassMIKEY le 25 août 2016

Has a great "Hideaway" feel to it.

Much to enjoy for Blues Lovers.


Chronique par Telemetry le 10 nov. 2018

A feel for the blues and technical greatness found within.
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I´m not a very good guitarist but this site is awesome. Will keep on supporting :-) Greetings from Germany :-)
Chuck Stew from Germany

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