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Night Club by Tofzegrit

Night Club

Night Club
À propos de cet album

Some tunes with a nighty taste or more...
Need dancing or just listening.
A big Thanks to all of majestic people involved here. Tofzegrit créé par Tofzegrit on 27 janv. 2016

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Chris Is The Master


Chronique par MajorTom_III le 28 janv. 2016

I never cease to be amazed at your versatility. From the first day you posted a song on Wikiloops I thought to myself...oh this guy is going to be something special. I have to admit I have not been disappointed. Guitar master, Bass Master, etc etc.
Dazzle your ears !!!

What A Collection!


Chronique par DannyK le 27 janv. 2016

This showcases your versatility, Tof. You're a great asset to wikiloops!

Pleaseant moments


Chronique par M4fp le 2 mai 2023

Very cool compilation. Enjoyed 👍

Great Album


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 27 août 2017

Really some great tunes, excellent work by all.

dancing ...


Chronique par AKchen le 4 mars 2016

... is one of the things I connect with Tof & Mates ;) so groovey doobie doo :D thank you !!!

The Incredible Tof has struck again


Chronique par Uloisius le 20 févr. 2016

Ups, how could it happen that I have overlooked this album to this day?
It's fun to listen and twitches in my old dancing legs ;o)

An Honor!


Chronique par kennyadry le 28 janv. 2016

THank you, for making me part of this Album!

Great Cool Album


Chronique par aleonz le 28 janv. 2016

absolutely a great album to hit the floor! great compilation Tof! so glad to be part of it!

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Gracias a todos por ayudarme a ser mejor músico =) Thanks you all for helping me to be a better muscician
ladybass from Spain

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