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Relativitys Picks Vol.1 by LeftTheLoops9-18

Relativitys Picks Vol.1

Relativitys Picks Vol.1
À propos de cet album

Songs I feel are strong in structure, excellent production and /or inspirational as what to me represents the Best of the Loops. LeftTheLoops9-18 créé par LeftTheLoops9-18 on 29 déc. 2015

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Artistes impliqués

great view


Chronique par earlsteven le 8 juil. 2016

very great view over this great side! very well mixing! fantastic musikos round the universum!!!!!!!!!!!! mucho gusto! tres bien!

I feel honored


Chronique par kennyadry le 11 janv. 2016

Joe you did a great thing here, I respect you musical judgements.

Wonderful Album!


Chronique par aleonz le 30 déc. 2015

So many wonderful songs, with such a beauty inside , so glad to be part of this album Joe!

thank you for the music


thank you relativity :)


Chronique par AKchen le 29 déc. 2015

... for this wonderful collection ... all the other songs have a healing effect to me & i´m so proud being a part of it ... thank you, a lovely choice :)
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......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!

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