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Nachschlag by Blues Buddies


À propos de cet album

Here a further album from the Blues Buddies.

Special thanks to jmrukkers, cschlote, gioganotti & blueboy for your cool adds ;o)

Greetings also to Dick & all the Wikiloopers out there in this wide, wide world.
Should we ever run into then we drink a beer ... ;o) Blues Buddies créé par Blues Buddies on 29 déc. 2015

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The blues is alive and well


Chronique par TeeGee le 8 juin 2016

Even though this album is in German, I would recommend anyone who loves the blues to have a listen. You don't need to understand each word to feel the music. In my opinion, a fantastic album, well done Blues Buddies and friends!

Ein schönes Album zum Abblusen ;-)


Chronique par cschlote le 8 juil. 2016

Schöne akustische Musik, schöne Texte - was will man mehr.


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 6 juil. 2016

For the love Of Music

I am just a fan


Chronique par gioganotti le 4 janv. 2016

I'm not to express at length, so I'll be as short as possible. This is an album that every fan of the blues must to hear. Awesome guitar on Balfo and hoarse voice of Uli combined with the unique inclusions of jmrukkers, cschlote & blueboy make songs exciting. If this album be released, with great pleasure I ordered one piece.



Chronique par carlottis le 27 avr. 2023

Siempre me ha gustado tu trabajo, esta es una magnífica compilacion, se te echa de menos ❤️
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