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Guitar for Hugs by Tofzegrit

Guitar for Hugs

Guitar for Hugs
À propos de cet album

Some sweet tracks I had the pleasure to contribute. Melodies, cries, tears, Goosebumps, soul's food...
Quiet Listening Guaranteed Tofzegrit créé par Tofzegrit on 22 déc. 2015

Apprécié: 27
Ecoutes: 4101 fois

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You blow me away ...


Chronique par Uloisius le 24 déc. 2015

Wonderful Album Tof, you play such a wonderful guitar ... I love it ;o)

A guitar that shines...


Chronique par GlezBass le 23 déc. 2015

A guitar that shines in the hands of my friend Tof, a few lines of very good guitar, harmonic ideas, a luxurious addition to any wikiland jam and a personal pleasure appear in one of his selections

What a wonderful album


Chronique par FrankieJ le 22 déc. 2015

And promptly downloaded.
My brother and comrade, Tofzegrit.
It is an honor to be here.


Very Nice Album


Chronique par adu le 22 déc. 2015

Very nice smooth Tracks on Album. I like it a lot Brother Chris.
Congrats and i´m proud to be an part of this! :) Greetz Andreas ;)

Promote your albums on Bandcamp and become famous


Chronique par kenjiwhe le 18 août 2021

The title says it all

Amazing guitarist


Chronique par kenjiwhe le 11 août 2021

I've been browsing through a bunch of albums but Tofzegrit, you nail it each time. Composition, melody, sound, presence, it's all just right. That means I think it's great!

The Master !!!


Chronique par MajorTom_III le 11 août 2017

This is an amazing showcase of Chris's talent. I love this CD. Genuine ear candy for sure. Listen to The Master do his thing. Incredible !!

Great Album


Chronique par ArkRockStudio le 11 août 2017

Beautiful diverse music. I'm enjoying this album greatly.

The finner side


Chronique par Wade le 20 juin 2016

Another good collection of your lighter side. Great performances by all.

warm Tof hugs ...


Chronique par AKchen le 31 déc. 2015

.. are one of the most beautiful things in the world ..
thank you for your music :)

Wonderful Album!


Chronique par aleonz le 29 déc. 2015

I listened so many colors of your string on this album, and you sing out your song in a very cool way Tof!

excellent work from all!


Hop Hop Hop


Chronique par onewholeft le 24 déc. 2015

If you looking for a great album hop onto this one ! This guy knows how to excite you with his music

So cool!


Chronique par Marceys le 24 déc. 2015

Hey Tof,

That is a real great album with cool tracks! Love your diversity and way of getting in a track!

Next year there will be a lot more cool music!

Musical greetings my friend!




Chronique par mpointon le 23 déc. 2015

This album is such a great example of your versatility, creativity and ability to 'get into' the tune you're playing, Tof. A superb selection of tunes. :)
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