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Songs in the key of C (Am) by bleymehl

Songs in the key of C (Am)

Songs in the key of C (Am)
À propos de cet album

Some wonderful tracks collected for your first experiences in wikiloops.

Just try playing your own melody on any instrument (in C) with tones from the C-scale.

E.g with a C-Harp in 1st position... bleymehl créé par bleymehl on 21 déc. 2015

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Artistes impliqués

one of the best


Chronique par earlsteven le 9 juin 2016

i realy like this album because it is NOT MAINSTEAM !!!it has the spirit from a lot of musichans, without any profiling, great compliments tu this

Super Album


Chronique par petebass le 29 juil. 2017

Great collection of varied tracks, love the helpful info. cheers

Great Collection of Album


Chronique par deilitan le 26 sept. 2016

I like this Album, especially because you identify and capture all of the song in the same Key. I'm going to enjoy jamming with this Album. It's a vast variety.

Thank you very much for making this Great Album! I really appreciate it.

Music for Soul


Chronique par Krasimir le 22 janv. 2023

An specifficaly done selection. Listened with pleasure. Great to read book, do exersises, meditate and more and more. Fantastic guys.

Great collection


Chronique par Navota le 2 avr. 2018

Thanks for this collection I gone try some songs for sure.
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Better than Facebook..All the people here are the greatest!! Join in on the addiction! This one is the best addiction you will find. Healthy too!
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