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The water holds no memories WHITEPONGO créé par WHITEPONGO on 5 oct. 2016

Apprécié: 17
Ecoutes: 3597 fois

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sphery (dark) tunes & more


Chronique par AKchen le 5 oct. 2016

you bring to us ... wonderful album & thanks so much for allowing to be a part of your light :)

GREAT Album ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 5 oct. 2016

Very nice, varied album, a real listening pleasure ;o)
Extra thumb for the great album cover !
Marcelo D

A Creative Musician


Chronique par Marcelo D le 28 déc. 2016

Chris is one of the most incredible musicians around. Besides his great playing skills he is a wonderful eletronic music producer and boundless to create incredible tunes with amazing layers and sounds. This is a great collection. I am proud to be part of this :)

Thanks to you Chris' ^^


Chronique par Funkystan le 13 oct. 2016

Hi Chris',
Impressive album I am proud to be part of.
I'm a fan of your job and "universe".
This album and all your tracks deserve to be streamed worldwide ^^
Thanks a lot Chris' ^^
See ya on the next track!!!

nice one


Chronique par kimbo le 6 oct. 2016

great cover art...totaly spellbinding image.
the first number opens up a world of darkness with a voice that puts me in mind of marian faithful.."broken english"
....and it just keeps getting better!
nice album ,well conceived and put together.
thumbs all round



Chronique par garymcmill le 6 oct. 2016

Been a fan of Whitepongo from the very first song I heard here on the loops. I am honored to be here on one of your tracks.

Always another Taste


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 6 oct. 2016

There are so many colors Pongos not only White Pongo !
One of my favorite Partner for an Escape
Check him on guitar in his Metal Band WorldOfWhy and yes, this guy is so creative, versatile and he shares that here !!!

Awesome Album!


Chronique par aleonz le 5 oct. 2016

I'm one of Chris fan in loops, I always enjoyed his music works,
his attention of the details of his track, the way he build his song, makes me learn much. so glad to be part of this album!

hat off to all musicians involved, you guys are awesome!

Keep it coming Chris!

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5 bucks for all I got from this site is nothing...I'm just an oldie (51) begineer guitar player and these backtrack are very very useful for my improvement.Thanks and Happy Christmas from Italy
jackanythi from Italy

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