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Kleine Tanzmusik by Uloisius

Kleine Tanzmusik

Kleine Tanzmusik
À propos de cet album

let's Dance ;o)

Thanks to all the musicians involved on this album - without you this dance floor would be empty ;o) Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 26 déc. 2015

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Uli in Bestform!


Chronique par adu le 5 févr. 2016

Ganz große Klasse! Ich würds kaufen! :)

Another side of this guy


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 26 déc. 2015

Uloisius is also a groovy guy !
We have hunted a famous spider together and also drunk some beer together!!! ah, and we have and we will play music together !!
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