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The Herring King Band - Second Album by Herring K

The Herring King Band - Second Album

The Herring King Band - Second Album
À propos de cet album

The Life And Death Of Herribert Ingemar Kingsley
It took a while but here it is, the Herring King II album. Two years, hundreds of hours and a lot of love went into this project, but we, the Herrings and the Mermaid are happy with it.
The dramatic rock opera / concept album tells the story of out anti-hero Herribert (Herbie) who had a difficult childhood that affected his whole life. But all the story details are in the songs (incl. lyrics).

The Herring King Band are:
Shi - vocals and spoken word
eGil - bass
TEE-KWA - vocals and lyrics
TeeGee - rhythm and lead guitars
Lucas Seoane - drums
wjl - bass
Durinworld - vocals and lyrics
Also featured on single tracks: ArkRockstudio (keys), Hartmut (keys) fishinmissio (sax), froggleggz (chimes)
Main storyline and lyrics: TEE-KWA (the story is purely fictional!!)
Additional lyrics: Shi, Durinworld
Produced by TeeGee
Mixing/pre mastering: TeeGee
Final mixing, eq and mastering: niklascage

The following fishies helped, advised, supported and recorded tracks and were somehow involved but not featured on the album. Bless you for the time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and apologise if I offended anyone. Those that recorded tracks I am so sorry it did not work out in this instance, but hopefully next time. In no particular order: deezee, PJE, Frogleggz, WhiteDrum55, gwailoah, Baerenkind, Jamlady and FrankieJ. If I forgot anyone, sorry!!

A BIIIIG thank you for all musicians that worked on this project, it's a dream!

That’s it, listen to the album, leave a comment and see you out there 
Herring K créé par Herring K on 22 déc. 2022

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A new Herring King Band Fan


Chronique par Offfocus le 5 janv. 2023

that's pretty cool! I mean, we're all making albums together, with the favourite sings we've dropped in the last few months.... But this? A band, a concept? ... and really cool music? ... Congratulations, friends, that must have been pure fun!
CI Section

Epic! Iconic! What a great work


Chronique par CI Section le 2 janv. 2023

Excellent collab from all - forget The Rocky Horror Picture show - here is the new standard. Constistent production, great vocals & story.

What Else Can One Say ?


Chronique par CTE le 4 janv. 2023

Two Years Well Spent! Such an Imaginable Concept and Performances by All Involved are Outstanding!

Herbie, the tormented soul


Chronique par frankyguitar le 23 déc. 2022

Really now, a great, excellent album from the 70'!! Why did I have to wait so long for this? Everything from a cast and yet each song has its own feeling, its own note, a great concept, everything thought out but without being too top-heavy. Told is a weird story, in the best sense, in which one is never bored and I feverish with tension the next paragraph, that is, the next song. It makes, just great fun to listen, musically as well as technically (mix/master). Congratulations to all the musicians who had the pleasure to participate here! And, not to forget, you have made me want to hang around more often in Wiki-Land again. Hopefully it will be something next year! I apologize expressly and in advance for this threat :D

Fantastic band


Chronique par Baerenkind le 23 déc. 2022

This is a great album, no question, I love this variety. Great singers and a great sound (great work TeeGee). Really fun to listen to. I really like your first album too.

Herbie's Odyssey


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 23 déc. 2022

Awesome collab from all over the globe. Congrats to everyone. A fantastic 70's flavor. Fine production too.

Herbie Got Away With It


Chronique par Ivanovitch le 17 janv. 2023

Great music

Brilliant :)


Chronique par wjl le 23 déc. 2022

What should I say? Thanks for having me, and everyone did a marvellous job here. Love all three singers, and all other musicians as well. Instant download (but keep those snippets, I'm more or less veggie/vegan) :)
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