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Although this year was marked by misunderstandings, mistrust, fear and anger, Wikiloops represented for me an island of mutual respect and goodwill, joy and fun and a wonderful sense of freedom! I want to thank you all for this priceless space!Pewi créé par Pewi on 12/05/2021

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Filo974 Raindox Pewi FrankieJ ArkRockStudio GlezBass titi JodyTripp slin frenzie Bothen Ernie440 CI Section wjl OliVBee Marceys jamlady PJE rootshell khangurumc Stef

Master Flutist


Chronique par titi le 12/05/2021

We thank you Peter! For your energy and your musical generosity, and for your flutist talent !!!
CI Section

Tolles Album


Chronique par CI Section le 12/08/2021

Wirklich schöne Sammlung eines außergewöhnlichen Musikers! Danke Peter, dass ich dabei sein darf.

One of the best musician on wikiloops...


Chronique par slin le 12/08/2021

and thanks for let me join you on this great album Peter.;)

Beautiful Collection!


Chronique par rootshell le 12/06/2021

a wonderful album Peter, truly magical and enchanting! thank you for the inclusion.

Great collection


Chronique par Raindox le 12/06/2021

Happy to be part of it!

Fantastic Album


Chronique par khangurumc le 12/06/2021

Hey peter ,I am really proud to be part of your album along with you and those fantastic musicians.

A true musician!


Chronique par frenzie le 12/06/2021

You are such a true musician, music flows out your heart! Thnx for this album Peter! I always enjoy your playing so much :):)

Amazing Talent


Chronique par Bothen le 12/05/2021

You are a genuine artist Peter. The way you can read a track and then deliver your wonderful artistic sounds is nothing but ear candy. Thanks for having me here, it's humbling.

Wunderbares Album!


Chronique par jamlady le 12/05/2021

Ich bin immer wieder aufs neue erstaunt über deinen enormen Ideenreichtum und musikalisches Verständnis. Präzession im Spiel und immer auf den Punkt gebracht. Danke!

Welch ein schönes Album


Chronique par wjl le 01/02/2022

Und danke daß ich dabei sein durfte, und das gleich zweimal :)
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