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Refollow your mind. Tags: Metal,Core,Grind / Acoustic leads, Vandal amps: 2018 SupJax créé par SupJax on 30 mai 2019

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One of my favorite guitar players


Chronique par abuitremorem le 31 mai 2019

I admire Supjax for a long time. His way of playing, his method and his skills. A great album

cleaned out my earwax


Chronique par GemmyF le 30 mai 2019

Some heavy soundz guaranteed to rattle your ear wax loose...apply liberally, but wear a padded helmut!


Chronique par Pexe le 2 juin 2019

Really need to list this album. Combine with my actual momment
Major 3rd

melting the core


Chronique par Major 3rd le 2 juin 2019

Super heavy fantastic collab album. Supjax never fails to add the razors edge!!! great album and line up.

Supy Magic...


Chronique par davidaustin le 31 mai 2019

Awesome album, awesome musicians, very very cool Supy.

awesome metal


Chronique par Mikebanez le 31 mai 2019

Damn brother you been busy behind the scenes. I want more YES🌟 I AM DEMANDING MORE👹 great collection👍⚔



Chronique par ERWAN le 31 mai 2019

makes me want to play again on the electric guitars. the masters are perfect and your compositions are at the top level, thumbs up for you all

Power SupJax


Chronique par ivax le 31 mai 2019

Fantastic Album,my dear Sup ,Amazing job and sound

Great Album!!


Chronique par fblack le 30 mai 2019

Great album of my friend SupJax, Insured talent!
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