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Punkloops 1 by Uloisius

punkloops 1

punkloops 1
À propos de cet album

Many thanks to all involved musicians and of course to Dick ... for everything ;o) Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 9 nov. 2018

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Artistes impliqués

Yes !!! Fantastic


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 9 nov. 2018

Thx so much my friend for this new awesome album. Punk is not dead for sure !!


Chronique par Reaper421 le 9 nov. 2018

I actually played guitar on that song 'wormsquirm' when I was at my buddies house completely wasted. Totally forgot about that haha



Chronique par SupJax le 9 nov. 2018

Mega thanks to Ulo for these picks. This was surprisingly nice. Great selection

danke :)


Chronique par AKchen le 13 nov. 2018

... dass ich dabei sein darf

Live Punk


Chronique par ivax le 10 nov. 2018

Thanks Ulo :W for this compilation
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